What’s your first thought when you think: German engineering? High quality, precision, efficiency and contemporary slick design?  But kitchens? Probably not.

Cars and kitchens 
Actually, it’s not just about cars. When it comes to kitchen design German engineering will give you beauty, reliability and something that lasts. You’re bound to have seen good-looking kitchens fall to bits the first time a door is slammed. A German kitchen looks stunning but is built to last.

Looking fabulous forever
Why is this a good thing? A kitchen is the heart of any home. The decision to transform the kitchen is a significant one in every respect. If you are going to make a change of this magnitude it’s worth investing time, effort and money in something that will look fabulous from the moment it’s fitted and for years to come.

Where do you call home?
We know a kitchen is a significant space in any household. It’s used every day and is the area most feel really represents home. Your personality, interests, passions and the way you live should be reflected in your kitchen design. This is where German engineering is seminal in making the space fully functional and beautiful.

Certainly engineering is about cabinetry and quality of the carcasses that does the hard work. If you are looking for longevity, pragmatics and ease of use a German kitchen design will certainly provide this and more.

High gloss, traditional or something interstellar
If you are fussy about design, want a kitchen that boasts fantastically inspirational and imaginative storage solutions then check out the range Kensington Kitchen Design provide. If you are looking for the fashionable high gloss solutions or something more traditional, German design is at the forefront.

So what can you expect from such a kitchen? Basically everything you have ever dreamed of in terms of a beautiful and practical kitchen.

The devil’s in the detail
You can expect soft-close hinges and drawers which are also soft-close with the added benefit of being steel framed for additional long serving capacities. Your hinges will keep the doors straight and true as they were the day the kitchen is fitted and for evermore. The secret, of course is in the hinge design. Trust the Germans to pay attention to the smallest detail that actually makes a massive difference.

Fulfil your desires
Whatever you need in terms of space and how heavy your pans are. pull out units inside cupboards will take a 50kg weight. In fact, your wish can be very much our command.

Bespoke solutions are central to our philosophy. No longer does your kitchen design need to be an approximation of what you want. With Kensington Kitchen Design you can choose the solutions you really desire. So if ‘off the wall’ shelves is your thing or you have a lighting design to change the mood of your kitchen, we can achieve this.

German engineering will offer state of the art appliances, cabinets and custom interiors. If you don’t believe us see what our clients say about their kitchens. Don’t take our word for the power and superb design ethic and aesthetics of German engineering.

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The image above is from one of our recent kitchen designs. You can see the rest of the images here

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