The kitchen is the focal point of any home
It’s both the engine room and the place where everyone congregates for food. The kitchen promotes conversation, community and coffee. If that’s what your household needs. Each kitchen means something different. If you need a new kitchen it’s time to think what it’s main function is likely to be.

New kitchen? Gulp!
However, everyone dreads the time when a kitchen needs to be changed. Luckily there is a stress free solution at hand. It should be exciting and a really positive, beautiful and practical addition. 

Choose a kitchen company that’s about the here and now
We guess anyone considering a first class kitchen renovation will probably go straight to a trusted name. We often choose kitchen designer we have heard of or who might come recommended. That’s a great start. But think about it. If you had picked a phone back in 2000 how design has moved on. New features, new expectations, a completely different approach changes everything. Think of the big providers who have come and gone, how fashions have been completely transformed. It’s the same for kitchen designers and design teams. Remember what life was like the last time your kitchen was changed. Exactly!

No pushy salespeople or hefty price tags
So, if you are considering a brand new kitchen design then it’s worth considering other options, other expertise and alternative solutions.

If you are looking for bespoke without the hefty price tag or push salesmen, Kensington Kitchen Designs can help to steer you seamlessly through the process.

Most households want a product complete with German engineering efficiency and durability. Kensington Kitchen Designs are known for their solutions that provide both and more.

After all, a new kitchen design is an investment
It needs to work for the people who use it and for the house itself. It’s not something you change regularly, so a timeless design that looks sleek and highly functional with a built in ‘wow factor’ is essential .

If floor to ceiling units will make the very best of the space available that will generate the smart, smooth looks with or without handles. This can be achieved You chose and we’ll carry it out.

Everyone will notice the ‘wow’ factor
The elusive ‘wow’ factor is literally built into every kitchen design we undertake. Don’t take our word for it, ask some of our customers. (link) Word of mouth recommendations are so important for any company. It takes away the unknown for potential clients and also allows our satisfied customers to tell their story for us. Hear it from them, not from us. We can tell you what we do, our happy customers will show you.

We can arrange this to suit your needs
If you click on our video testimonials watch our attention to detail. It’s part of what makes us different. We understand that minimizing disruption is essential for every single client. Leaving the work space clean and tidy after each day’s work means the whole process can be as stress free as we can possibly make it. We keep you informed every step of the way and are really at your service even after the kitchen is installed.

Whatever needs to be measured we’ll do it twice
Precision is vital. That’s why we use German engineering. We like to think we are in tune with what your dream might be for the kitchen space. At Kensington Kitchen we want you to be 100% satisfied with your brand new kitchen like this client click here.