Kitchens, we are drawn to them. Since the first fire gave warmth, light and an opportunity to cook, people have gathered in the place where food is prepared.  A cave might have not been everyone’s idea of a kitchen but being cosy and safe from the odd Woolly Mammoth, it had its uses.

Nowadays tantalizing cooking aromas draw everyone towards the kitchen as meal times approach. It is the room where we head for after a long day for a reviving cuppa or a long anticipated cool beer. Quite often it ends up being the place we sit and chat long into the night after the end of the meal.

Although in some chic urban apartments the kitchen is little more than a space to house a sink, fridge and microwave, for most families, the kitchen will always remain the heart of the home and centre of the action.

In fact 2014 kitchen design is veering more towards contemporary and retro. And how we use the kitchen and our choice in food is becoming more thoughtful.

Having witnessed a number of very serious food scandals many people are taking much more interest in the provenance of food. They are taking care to shop locally and prepare fresh produce. Making a homely occasion means god times can be had in the kitchen rather than in an expensive restaurant.

This return to traditional values means the kitchen once more takes centre stage in any home. It is the place where valuable education about eating well, being together as a family, sharing conversations can all take place.

Family kitchens should be warm and welcoming. Yet they can also be stunningly designed, with all the exciting contemporary fittings that make food preparation so easy and pleasurable.

Probably most of us have memories associated with kitchens were we grew up. Bringing the first date home for tea; the first cooking disaster that parents tried to like; the way the cat would wait at the sink for someone to open the tap for a drink. They are little things but carry much emotional attachment.

Knowing just what a domestic theatre a kitchen may become it’s worth talking to an experienced designer. They can suggest, question and get to the heart of what a brand new kitchen might mean for a family home.